© Johanna KindvallLogo and package design for Wiggley Leroux Confections, Washington, DC, 2014. Wiggley Leroux is artisan chocolates and desserts made by Francoise Villeneuve. The chocolate bean pattern was created for six different chocolate bars; dark chocolate (brown), milk chocolate (light gray), candied orange peel (orange), smoked nibs (dark gray), raspberry rose (pink) and sea salt (light blue). The confections are available at BacoN’Ed’s food truck at Reston Station, Washington, DC.

© Johanna KindvallIllustrations for LRF - Skogsägarnas Omvärldsanalys 2014 (LRF is a major Agriculture organisation in Sweden). The images where used in the brochure “Run, Forrest, run!“ (To the left is a selection of the work. Click the link above to see the rest).

kindvall-breadtopia-logoLogo and header design for Eric and Denyce Rusch at Breadtopia, 2014.

kindvall-lrf_2014Illustrations for LRF, Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund, 2014 (a major Agriculture organisation in Sweden). The images where used in the brochure “Blir’e nån andra vers, eller ? – LRFs omvärldsanalys 2014“.  (On the left is a selection of the work). See also 2012, 2013.

Pattern design for fabrics, wallpaper and wrapping paper etc. See more patterns here.

Personal greeting card for Kirsteen Burton, Toronto, Canada 2014. The card was a gift for her dear friend Heather Hewer. Before Heather traveled to Stockholm, she learned how to say “Tack så mycket” by remembering that it sounds like, “Taxi my cat”. The cat in the cab is Leila, who lives with Heather.

Illustration for Jules Clancy & Nao Cronan at The Yellow Bench, Australia, February 2014.

Illustrations for SL (Greater Stockholm Local Transit Company), Sweden, November 2013. The illustrations were part of a report that looked at future transportations and scenarios for the year 2050.

Holiday Card for Tara K. Reddi, New York, November 2013. The card is an illustrated recipe of classic Swedish Ginger Snap Cookies. The card was printed on letterpress.(The recipe, slightly adjusted here, was borrowed from an article by Anna Brones & Johanna, December 7 2011, EcoSalon).

Layout design and illustrated icons for the web site A Simple Year, December 2013. A simple Year is an online course where members learn how to simplify life with topics like food, travel, relationships and work. The website is created by Courtney Carver and contributors are Joshua BeckerBrooke McAlary, Tammy Strobel, Colin WrightJules Clancy and Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus.

© Johanna Kindvall